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My Dog and Cat WP1

So as some of you know I have one cat and one dog. My cats name is Bruce and my dogs name is Buster! They are both super loving and crazy. Buster we got from a close family friend, he was a rescue dog. They said they found him on the streets all nasty and gross! So they took him home and he did not even know how to eat out of a dog bowl! So they kept him. Later on they decided to foster other dogs. Buster did not like that and got jealous. It just happened to be when we wanted a dog. So they brought him over one day when we were outside having a water balloon fight. He was so excited to see us! He went inside and…. peed on our stairs. It was pretty funny! So that’s how we found our crazy dog! Now onto Bruce! So one day we went to pet-co and my mom wanted to surprise us. As soon as I walked in i saw all the cats and immediately started to beg for one. So we looked around and i saw a black cat and wanted that one. The rest of my family saw Bruce and liked him. At the time I did not like him. He was to playful for me. Then i had to give up on the black cat and decided on Bruce. It felt like FOREVER to fill out the paperwork. While we where all done with paperwork Bruce”s foster family walked in. So we were right on time with adopting him!.On the way home we wanted to keep his name “Batcat”. However My little sister could say it and said “Fatcat” instead. So we settled on the name Bruce. So that’s how I got my doggy and kitty! And I love them so much! Thanks for reading this LONG blog! Bye!