SBC9: Want to Know about my Future?!

OK, have you ever wanted to know what my long term goals are? What my plans for myself in the future are? Well that’s exactly what this weeks Student Blogging challenge is about!! I am super excited about his weeks challenge. Why? Because I practically have my future planned out. Every once in a while I am thinking about this. So lets get talking about about this week challenge!!

OK, so in order to do what I want to be when I grow up it will take a lot. So my overall goal is to go to collage and get a degree to become a vet. This would require 4 years of collage, and a following 4 years for vet school. I do not know why but I have always had a love and passion for animals. I was looking back at papers from 1st grade and I found a student of the month paper. I found that it said that I love being with animals!! So I guess I have loved them from the beginning! Lets move on to what I want to do with my life besides job wise.

So, I want  to live either in the mountains or on the delta. I love being up in the fresh air and around all the nature. My Nana and Papa live in a cabin up there and it is super fun when we visit. I want to live on the delta because in a perfect life you can just go outside and chill on the water. You can go swimming and have a beautiful  sunset. I live like 5 minutes from the water but it still seems like a different world, then my house. If I moved to the mountains I would live with my cousin in the cabin. She wants to be a forest ranger, so she could bring me hurt animals, and I could fix them. That would be in my perfect world!

I also have a backup plan! I would definitely live with my cousin in the mountains if I couldn’t live on the Delta. My backup job would to become a police officer or to go into the navy. I think that either way my life would be super cool!! But my real dream is to live in a mansion and have a ton of pets, plus a unicorn. I would have a section dedicated to candy. I would have a giant pool in the backyard. I would also have a giant slide coming out of the house. But that’s in my dreams (probably along with a lot of other people!!) So anyways I hope you liked this post!! Until next time, Bye!!


I made this image using PicCollage if you want to visit it click here!!

yup yup yup My dream house (Just add a slide!!)


That’s the inside!!

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