SBC8: Commenting

For this weeks challenge I will be answering questions from the student blogging challenge website. I hope you guys enjoy this week post!! So the first question is…

  • What have you enjoyed about commenting?

I have enjoyed the reply’s that I get from everyone. I also enjoy getting more comments on my post. I love how everyone is so nice on others blogs.

  • What is annoying about commenting?

The thing that is annoying about commenting, is sometimes when people ask weird questions that you don’t really have the answer to. Another annoying thing is that you have to have it in a certain format for our class.

  • How have you found interesting posts to comment on?

I usually find interesting posts to comment on by basically just looking at my comments. After doing that I look at their website and check out their posts. Another way is by going on the student blogging challenge website and looking at everyone doing the challenge. After that I look for interesting countries that people are from.

  • Are your posts getting lots of quality comments? Why or why not?

So far I have gotten some really good comments. They are always fun to read and reply to. I just wish I got more comments more often.

Overall I like commenting on other posts. I think that it is a great way to learn about others. If choose whether or not to keep commenting i would choose to keep it. Anyways thanks for reading this week student blogging challenge!

One thought on “SBC8: Commenting

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