SBC7: Stranded on an Island?!

So for this weeks student blogging challenge I am going to be writing about what I would to to entertain my self if I was stranded on an island. The first thing I would do (being myself) is go exploring in the tropical forest. I think that this would be just plenty to keep me entertained. I would go swimming in the little ponds. Exploring all of that would be like a vacation even if I was stranded!!! Another thing that I  would do is probably collect some wood and other stuff and make some sort of little toy to keep me entertained. The number one thing I would do is probably be looking for animals and new bugs that i never knew about. Thanks for reading i hope you enjoyed this weeks challenge!!


2 thoughts on “SBC7: Stranded on an Island?!

  1. Hi Catie ! It’s Sarah Online from your blogroll! I liked your post very,very much. I have a question for you: If you could bring anything to that island, what would you bring?

    P.S: Respond to question in my blog please.
    -Sarah Online

  2. Hey Catie, my name is Nathalia I like your idea of being entertained. Even though I don’t really like bugs all that much it would be cool if I discovered one I had never seen before. Also what king of toys would you make, I like to make dolls out of cloth, some people like them some people don’t. Come visit my blog at
    maybe there is something interesting to you that you might like.

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