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SBC7: Stranded on an Island?!

So for this weeks student blogging challenge I am going to be writing about what I would to to entertain my self if I was stranded on an island. The first thing I would do (being myself) is go exploring in the tropical forest. I think that this would be just plenty to keep me entertained. I would go swimming in the little ponds. Exploring all of that would be like a vacation even if I was stranded!!! Another thing that I  would do is probably collect some wood and other stuff and make some sort of little toy to keep me entertained. The number one thing I would do is probably be looking for animals and new bugs that i never knew about. Thanks for reading i hope you enjoyed this weeks challenge!!


WP12: Bruce!!

I have not done a post on Bruce in a while! Today I am going to be updating you guys on him. You guys probably did not know this but Bruce had worms before. We kept on giving him his medicine and it finally worked!! He is gaining weight slowly but surely! Anyways my cat was not even white anymore about a week ago. So I decided to give him a bath. Lets just say my cat is CRAZY in the bath. His meow turns deep and hecka long. He does anything to try and get out too! While I was giving him a bath my nephew, Nathan, started crying when he heard Bruce meowing. He said “Kitty are you okay?”  “Kitty i’m sorry” “Kitty love you!” IT WAS SO CUTE!! Anyways thanks for reading this weeks weekly post about Bruce!!

Bruce and nathan

Here’s a picture of Bruce and Nathan!!

WP:11 Track

So this season in school we started track. So far it is super fun! At first I really didn’t want to do it. But then my friend convinced me to. I am really glad she did!! If your not the type of person who I hates being sore it not fore you!! I do 3 events. I do 100 meter, 200 meter, and a relay race that is 4 by 100. We have our Track meets at high schools. We have our meets either on Wednesdays or Thursdays. My friend that is also on edublogs click here to see it! So far we have had 3 meets and we are having our 4th toady. Overall we have 5, but the last one is the most important. The last meet has all the schools come together and race. Track is super awesome I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind running. You might not like it at first (like me), but then you’ll realize how fun it is!! Thanks for reading!!


SBC6: American Food

Have you ever wondered what food in America is like? I know that I have wondered what food in other places are like! Well this weeks student blogging challenge is to tell people what popular food where we live are like!! So my topic is going to be about hamburgers. Hamburgers are in the top 10 food in America. Personally I think they are really good. However I like them 100% done no pink for me!! Hamburgers are Bread Patties and Beef for the classic. You can add Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato’s, etc.I only put cheese on it though. My family always makes hamburgers at Barbecues. Which are back yard grills that you cook food on usually with family. Its super fun when we have BBQ’s because we just get to have fun with the whole family. Sometimes we have a family reunion and it is super fun because we always have yummy food. We usually have hamburgers, hot dogs,fruits,Pasta. If you want to learn how to make a Hamburger click here. This website has many American classics. If you scroll to the very bottom it will say how to’s. Under that category is hamburger. With this website you can also see a ton of other recipes!! Thanks for reading!!


SBC5 Creative Commons

For this weeks Student Blogging Challenge I am using a site called Open Click art. Click here to visit this site. I will be telling you about this site that you can use to enter clip art into your blogs. There are really cool categories that you can choose from. It is a really nicely organized sites. I suggest entering any clip art from this awesome site! Thanks for reading!!!


WP10: R.I.P Tequila

I know the title of this post sounds really weird. I mean why would I make a whole blog post about dead alcohol? Well I am not. My grandma’s dog was named Tequila. I know it sounds a little weird but they got her with that name, and they decided to keep it. We call her Te-Te for short. We had to put her down on Wednesday. *enter 10,000 crying faces* We found out that she was having problems with her Stomach. She started bleeding a couple of days before. We wanted to wait to see if she would get better. Then one night my grandma heard her crying and there was blood everywhere. My grandma took her to the vet right away. They said she was pretty much gone when they got there. So they decided to put her down. She was a really small Yorkie.We never found out what was wrong with her. My grandma thinks that a Tumor might have popped and caused her to bleed out. Sorry for this long sad post. R.I.P Tequila. RIP

almost tequila

This picture is the same type of dog as Tequila that looks a lot like her.

Spring Break WP9

This week I will be talking about my Spring vacation. Me and my 2 sisters went to Utah and Nevada with our grandparents. It was super fun! We went to Lehi, Utah to visit family. Then we went to  Pahrump, Nevada to visit my Aunt and Uncle. It was super fun. Lets start of with the long drive there. It took us 13 hours to get to Utah and on the way we got pulled over for speeding. Luckily the officer was nice enough to just gave us a warning. The time is 1 hour ahead than it is where I live. So it took a little adjusting to get used to it. A few days after we go there my cousins came over for a couple nights. It was super fun. On that Sunday we went to the Provo temple dedication. I sleep through most of it. The next day we hit the road a started our way to Nevada. It took about 8 hours to get there. We had tons of fun there! We went to death valley and to the desert and explored the area. We hung out at the house and relaxed too. On that Thursday We headed home . It also took about 8 hours to get there. My trip was super awesome!!!


Mill Pond,_Lehi,_Utah.jpg